This is the beginning of a new chapter. I’ve had my old blog for ages and it finally feels right to begin something new. I’ll definitely miss that old space and I had been thinking of switching to a new one since 2 years ago (long time, I know!). I’ve just never had the urge to until I transferred college and that space no longer represents me. So drumroll, new blog domain, new blog title, new look and new me. Actually, this isn’t the first blog I’ve had on WordPress. My first was for a Writing Studies class and I have been inspired since. So thank you Professor Lay!

This blog shall document well, everything in my life, and everything that is not. It’s not going to be rainbows and butterflies so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place. BUT it’s not to say there won’t be any fun and sappy stories. With that, I am looking forward to a whole new journey, or in Aladdin’s words “A Whole New World”. So excited!




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