Michigan Winter Woes

Random thoughts in the cold:

I already have my winter coat out, pretty sure it’s only going to get worse from here.

0.5 months down, 5.5 more months to go.

*looking at squirrels* Boy they are fat. But is it from eating too many acorns, peanuts fed by humans, or is it just a misleading layer of fur in anticipation of winter?

I can’t feel my legs anymore, need to double up.

*looking at boys in shorts* It’s freaking below zero degree celsius, how are they not freezing their toes off??

*trying to balance self while walking on ice* I have a feeling I’m going to fall. I just hope no one sees it.

*walking through melting ice* I really need to get some waterproof boots.

I bet hundreds of years ago, Michigan is not a humanly possible place to live. Either that, or global warming/ cooling is going to kill me in the next few months.

Let it go, let it go ~


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