Cat and Mouse Game


The first step towards moving forward with political goals is not apathy but empathy. To be passionate about your cause, to truly believe in it. Make informed, not ignorant decisions.

Don’t stop because it’s hard.


You must be new to the game.


Yes I am. Which is good why we change the game every 4 years.

Once the president becomes disillusioned, and jaded, someone else can take over and continue with what the president set out to accomplish.


You are too naive. You’ll never survive the game.

What makes you think you won’t be eliminated before the clock even starts ticking?


I don’t doubt that.

But I know this – the power lies in the hands of the people. The media has its way of exposing the ugly. A tyrant is all that he is – a tyrant. I may not be able to accomplish what I hoped, but someone else is going to stretch this journey until we get there.


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