A Book Affair

Hello everybody!

From Left to Right: Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult, Make Up – Your Life Guide to Beauty Style and Success – Online and Off by Michelle Phan, and Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult

I’m so excited because these books came in the mail yesterday. I’ve waited for them for soooo long, since September 29. Don’t worry, it’s not because Barnes and Noble is inefficient in shipping. You know how shipping is usually free after a certain amount? I had mainly wanted to get Michelle’s book, and since shipping was only free after $30, I placed 2 Jodi Picoult’s books (my all-time favorite author) into my cart for an insane price of ~$8 each. Why do Singapore retailers sell them for double the price or more?! I had been missing out so much. Anyway, long story short, I only received the books yesterday because this edition of Salem Falls was pre-order only, which was released on 25 November.

Below is a beautiful complimentary book cover hand-drawn by Michelle! I’m using it as a poster though (:

Unlike many “life guide” books, Michelle’s book is not really about teaching you how to lead your life, but more of a collection of stories about her life, some tips and tricks about skincare, make-up and all that fun stuff. It is like having a big sister navigating through life and giving you a summary of all the wisdom she had gathered thus far. It is a fun and easy read and I am so surprised by some of the easy tips that should seem like common sense after you read it but really isn’t common knowledge. Do you know that it’s bad to over wash your face and get the “tight, squeaky-clean” feeling? It strips your face of its natural essential oil and moisture. If you have oily skin, you’d want to use a gentle foaming cleanser day and night and for those who have normal skin, you can use a cleanser at night and just wash your face with water or wipe your face with damp cotton pad in the morning. With such harsh cold and dry weather coming, I want to retain as much natural moisture on my face as possible!

I have just spent the last hour or so finishing 4 chapters and I can’t wait to finish the entire book. Also, I really really really want to get Jodi Picoult’s new book Leaving Time. She is an amazing storyteller who is so talented in crafting stories. Her signature move is to throw a curveball at you at the end of the story and you are left feeling like – WHAT I never saw that coming. (in a good way) I read the first chapter of Leaving Time for free on Barnes and Noble’s app Nook and it left me craving for more. But I think I’ll wait it out a little because it is still kind of pricy. I have been saving up my Barnes and Noble gift card and stretching it out as much as possible. Thank you Hofstra for the gift card!!




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