A little update

I have never been told that I’m a good writer until today. In fact, I was always told that I am a TERRIBLE writer…so, to hear that from someone with more authority over my grades than I do, is exhilarating! English used to be my worst subject. I was horrible at expressing myself (and still am today – orally). That one time which I scored the highest in my lit class and was placed in a special literature discussion group, I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. I’ve never hated English though, despite the countless disappointments I have received over my papers. They always lacked something. The rubric, cookie-cutter type essays I produced were the only ones I ever knew how. My General Paper in the A Level examinations was devastating…I’m not even going to reveal my grades because it was that bad. To evolve to where I am today, is the combined effort of my teachers, professors and my blogging experience. I’m still not a great writer and I still make loads of mistakes on grammar, sentence structure – anything you can possibly imagine. But today, his comments made me so happy!! (Also, I was swallowing my saliva a lot, my cheeks felt really heated, and my tummy had some buzzing going on. Either I’m really nervous for some reason or I’m just really weird…)

Another good news is that I scored my first 91 in Umich!!!! This is such a bittersweet moment because my transition to Umich hasn’t been great. I was upset very very often and got some people very concerned about my well-being. When I received my score, I almost cried. It was a huge mountain of relief, and joy and….To some of you it might seem very trivial, but it was like a shining point for me that seemed to say – don’t give up, no matter how lonely you are, and how hopeless things might seem.

To all of you out there who are a little sad, disillusioned, angry – I’m sending a little love to you. As finals are upon us, hang in there and good luck! ❤


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