Let me start at the beginning.

A few hours a day I read, listened, and watched. Interest blossomed from a bud to almost a flower that stretched out its petals for more knowledge. From the zero point, I slowly began to understand the historical aspects and the culture that followed along.

Then came to the point most dreaded – where you stand at the starting line. The moment of truth came, to test how far you could sprint with all prior knowledge given. The gun sounded, shock ran through your spine, and you took off. The wind felt great in your hair. Thud, thud, thud, your feet lands with perfect precision to the sound of your heart.

Then you noticed something amiss. Nobody was running beside you.

You turned around and thus began your biggest nightmare. Somehow, rules of the game changed and everyone was running in the direction opposite from you.

I came so far, but reached full circle and went straight to the beginning.


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