It’s been 4 whole days since I removed myself from Facebook.

I remember all the paragraphs I used to write about social media and how it’s a double-edged sword but has the power to influence social and political changes if people must use with discern so as not to be misguided. In my conclusion, I always end optimistically that it’s a “force” for good.

My mentality was mind-over-matter. Don’t give social media more power than it deserves. It doesn’t really mean anything in our daily lives other than being a platform to connect.

And then I found myself here.

Here, deactivating my account, and removing myself from the one social circle that I have. Here, trying, not to think about all the things I am missing out on. Here, convincing myself that social media is deceiving. Nobody can be all that happy all the time. But darn it, social media. I may have tried to disconnect myself, but all of my friends are still in your little circle. You make it so easy to connect. And this void keeps growing larger now that the convenience is gone. You were my addiction, you were my weakness, you were my reminder that I might still matter to some people.

I borrow these words from another blogger, “we loathe the society, but we are the society”.


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