Good News

For the past 2 semesters I had been feeling beyond myself and getting massively disappointed in the school, community, people and myself. But summer is coming and I’m getting soooooooooo excited because (in no particular order)

1. I have an internship

2. It’s in NYC

3. Finally getting reunited with my bestie

4. Visit Hofstra and catch up with profs and colleagues

5. In the first few days, my internship is flying me to Arizona for a conference

Yay!!! Finally some good news to look forward to in my life. I felt almost handicapped with the lack of activity and friends here. Also, in 2 weeks, I will be free of feeling like being in a pressure cooker in my own room. And then, there is allllllll the good food in the world waiting for me in Singapore, and catching up with family, friends and colleagues. Can’t wait!!! First though, Finals – you’d better treat me with kindness after all we’ve been through together.


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