Finals Blues

I’ve literally sat in the library from 2pm to 12am writing my paper and I’m still not done. Never moved, never left my seat, never had dinner, just munched on some chocolates and candies my bestie sent. I still have to write my conclusion, link my sources and edit the paper. I think finals blues is going to hit me hard. I have no idea how I’m going to finish studying everything in time. I’ve basically wasted today on this paper that I could have created a powerpoint instead, but I really wanted to secure an A so I poured my entire day into it because I’m so uncertain about the other subjects – please let me pass. And I really want to finish tonight so tomorrow can be a fresh day of studying without worrying about this paper.

With me eating so badly and drinking & eating so much caffeinated food and drinks, there’s this nagging feeling that I might get a heart attack or stroke or something. Idk, hopefully I’ll get more fruit, veggies and exercise into my system upon my return to Singapore. Until then, eat, breathe and sleep finals!! Persevere and survive this last lap!! (a desperate attempt to motivate myself, let’s hope it works)


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