On Politicians

As I’m sat here studying for my history exam on China, Japan and Korea tomorrow, I can’t help but notice all these people who changed the course of history were politicians of some sort. A part of me really admires them for their whole-hearted dedication to better the prospect of their countries. I would never put myself in a position where I would have the courage to fight for my own ideologies (perhaps also because they aren’t as strong/ extreme as others), and I wouldn’t dare carry the burden of the entire nation’s future on my shoulders.

Sure, some of them had strong personal ambitions but they tend to be enslaved by the power and influence rather than the other way round. Having little or no control on how your life would turn out as you are constantly in a game where you could be eliminated by anyone, anytime. They are like celebrities who have to be careful about their every move, but with even more restrictions because once your reputation is ruined, it’s ruined forever, unlike celebrities who still have a chance to turn it around under the public eye.

This can be seen from leaders who are now recorded as “controversial” when they had cult-like following before. Great leaders, are often judged by the results of their decisions, and this could go either way. No one could really predict how well a strategy would turn out. You’d have to be extremely far-sighted and talented to be able to accomplish that. But what if, you just happened to be at a moment of history where the country is extremely fragmented? What if, you have a really strong ideology just like other great leaders had, everything stems from a desire for a better future, but just turns out horribly wrong? Now this is not to evade all responsibilities of the leaders, but they are not the monstrous, soulless leaders we make them out to be. Sometimes, things just don’t go your way and I’m sure we’ve all experienced that. So, with all the negativity online about politicians…just cut them some slack. Not all are corrupted, self-serving beings who have no concern for a country’s well-being.

Okay…back to studying/


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