Win some lose some

Today I asked someone about her life’s satisfaction/ happiness; what she deems as success or what gives her contention. I asked with what behavioral economists would call prior bias, with my own views as the basis of assumption. To my surprise, the answer was not fulfilling work, but work as a means to an ends. Job – as a tool to satisfy our material wants and needs, and a necessity for the ultimate carefree life of what I would imagine as sitting by the pool/ beach, drinking a cocktail (neither of which I really partake in). I’m not disparaging towards these activities. In fact, they are things I hope I could accomplish during my career. Yet, I tend to look for deeper meanings and wonder if these things are enough.

I come from a humble background, and a comfortable life is all my parents and I wanted. Heck, it’s also one I want for myself. At least hitting that $75,000 mark where the income and happiness correlation plateaus. However, to submerge myself in work I have absolutely no interest in, is getting harder and harder to convince myself. On the flip side, this internship with elearnings made me discover that I do have some intellectual curiosity (is this too late?) that was buried before. I never thought I would say this, but: I’m finding the joy in learning – driven by my motivation.

That brings me back to life fulfillment. I realized that even though society groomed me one way, I could never solely work for work’s sake, you know? Work without looking forward to something, work with no direction ahead. The only thing, if it ever boils down to this, would be work to make ends meet. And for once I’m trusting myself, and putting pressure on myself, that my parents’ hard earned money on my education investment would not be wasted.

All these talk about life made me recall Prof Bhogal’s comment on Waiting for Godot. We are playing the game of life. If at a train station we have nothing else to do but throw hoops onto a cone, we’ll lose interest if the cone is too far and we keep missing. Yet, if the cone is too near and we keep scoring, we’ll lose interest as well. Life, even though we claim we want an easy one, is only fulfilling when we win some, lose some. #honorscollegetakeaways Not bad eh.


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