I’m in a stump. My creative juices are not flowing and my writing skills just flew off the face of the Earth. I can’t analyze anything and my reasoning skills…where did ya’ll go? ):

Stress, are you getting to me? Stay awayyyy so I can accomplish things and eat things and enjoy things. I need my piano. Sobs. Run, eat healthy and sleep. I wanna detoxify some time, my body feels like it’s full of junk. šŸ˜®

In celebration of my awesome writing skills…

Charisma exuberates,

even as you are not trying.

Thoughtfulness and intelligence

makes you more attractive,

even as you walk in with silly socks and baseball caps.

Put down your coffee and stop

typing away,

the life you make


for others.

Blank is the state of my mind, as I die

a little

when your gaze lingers a second


The can of worms,

I’m afraid to open. But,

desperately, I want to see

what you see. Honor is mine,

to hold your deepest darkest secrets

safe with me.

Okay, let’s call it a day.