The title is misleading because ‘I’d rather’ suggests a preference. I’d rather watch a movie, go to the mall, walk in the night, watch a football game, read a book etc. than be stuck in the library finishing up 2 essays, a storymap and study for a test on Monday. This is not including the readings due Monday, another test Thursday and finishing my job. To be honest, it’s overwhelming.

The opportunity cost of relaxing on a Saturday night is my sleep, lack of sanity and the loss of ability to think straight. So it’s costly to not keep going. My heart, however, would rather take a break. I want to finish those things, just, not right now. What’s assuring though, is there are many other students in the library, in the same boat. Although there are many more on the streets, partying their bums off, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Also, other things in my mind that beg the question: is more knowledge a burden? 

Kay back to work back to work. You got this.