Finals Week

The much fret-about week is here. Actually, it spans over 2 weeks for me. It’s the week where you literally have to make rounds to find a seat in the library, sometimes leaving in angst hoping you will be slightly productive in the comfort of your room. It’s also the week in which you start seeing survival tactics rising from every corner. What irks me the most are probably 2 things – 1. Students holding seats in library cubicles with their items (chop seats) 2. Complaining about how overwhelmed they are.

During these two weeks I just like to be undisturbed. I’m probably one of those hermit crabs that stink at group study sessions because the anxiety from others osmosis their way into my body. I also can’t focus with constant disruptions. What does it say about my ability to multitask? 😮 Although some claim that multitasking is a myth, I still like to play background music depending on my mood. It helps me concentrate. I have strange selective disturbances, I know. Also, I want to be able to rest & watch videos without garnering value judgments & feeling guilty. It helps me, say at this very moment, when I’m stuck with a hopeless writers’ block.

One exciting news this week – my article in Michigan Journal of International Studies is published!! I will link it here once the online version is uploaded. Honestly, I’m so glad I took up the challenge. It still hasn’t dawned on me that I have something published. 😮 This might be the peak of my University career yet. I do wish I had a chance to see the final version before it got published, but oh well, you can’t be too much of a perfectionist or it will never be published. I just find some of the parts disjointed / could be phrased better. I honestly don’t remember if that was what I had before or if the editors switched certain parts around, but I still really appreciate their effort, considering they had such a time constraint. The other articles are so amazing, I’ve only skimmed through them but will definitely take a closer look once finals are done.

–> Am I rethinking my career path? Idk my passion is everywhere and anywhere. I guess I like to be informed about different issues and contentions. But society, or at least the current capitalistic one, drives us towards specialization.

Okay, I think I’ve finally decided I’ll focus my paper on the impact of COP21 UN climate change conference on Singapore’s strategies rather than the whole SEA region, although it is so much more interesting analyzing Lao’s hydroelectric turbines development & how it’s integral to its economy based on the Kuznets curve. Or MAYBE, I can compare & contrast them. Oh boy…okay racing against time, let’s go.


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