New Beginnings

For someone who used to be a stickler for rules, I’m now a more free-spirited person who gives in to my emotions and letting that rule my days. It doesn’t sound like a terrible thing, but I think I need to be reeled in a little.

This year is going to be somewhat of a beginning to an end before the transition into workplace. I will be doing an MAcc type of program to prepare for CPA testing, and then it will be back to the hustle and bustle of life in NYC, which I am looking forward to, but not entirely. I’ve always been so independent, but something about being totally financially independent makes me feel kind of queasy. I guess, I am not ready to think of myself as an adult, not yet.

I have already started this at the end of last year (omg how is it 2016 already), but writing it down will hopefully make me more accountable for my actions. This year, I am going to be more thrifty, but thrifty in a smart way. I have started making my own smoothies, coffees and teas to try and save a bit of money since these tasty lil delights really strip my pockets dry. I don’t think I can give up my junk food, ever, but I’m going to try and binge eat less and keep them out of my sight. Cooking wise I think I’m doing alright so far, but I’m going to try and only buy the essentials to keep grocery costs down. Other things like clothes, cosmetics and little trinkets I intend to stay away. I have more than enough.

Exercise – I had been sooooo bad with exercising last sem. I did have a ton of writing, homework and job stuff that took up entire days. I also didn’t want to give up the little social time that I had, including face-timing. And guess what I do while face-timing? Eat. I had a fitness pass the sem before that kept me going to dance lessons every week, but I didn’t renew it and stopped going to the gym entirely. This year, I really want to change that and become more healthy. No more excuses, Lanxin. Run 1 day per week. Let’s start from there.

Procrastination – Gosh, this might be the hardest one to deal with. I read this article about chronic procrastination in which you are so anxious about making the task at hand perfect that you don’t dare to start it. It suggests therapy for those with really serious conditions. For me though, I think the strategy that would work the best is as the article suggests, just work a little each day without thinking about how good/ bad it is. It would probably work much better, with me doing mental vomit on my essays instead of spending hours at it one go and trying to make it perfect while getting a lot of writing blocks.

This last one is just a mesh of reminders/ goals. Continue to stay open-minded about new opportunities and events. Have courage, don’t let self-doubt hinder you from trying. Be brave, dare to love more. Work hard, learn consistently and not get by last minute. Treasure every moment, even the bad ones.

With that, we’re off to a brand new year.


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