The Sun is finally out!

I used to never understand how one could hate winter, I now do. Not saying that I hate winter, but the weather does have an impact on the human condition. The cold, the lifelessness, and dreary mood it sets makes getting through the day more difficult without rational reasoning.

But winter always turns into spring (unless the anthropogenic global warming prolongs winter so much it reaches a point that spring is skipped – let’s hope not.) and albeit it’s not warm enough to wear a dress yet, I’m happily sitting on my bed wearing a fluttery mock neck dress with half-length sleeve that keeps me decently warm when combined with leggings. Dance always puts me into a good mood, and today was no exception. Put on some make-up because I’m feeling artsy and happy. Catching up with my family was also nice. I’m treasuring these little moments more & more because who knows how many more I could have with them? Life is so unpredictable and I’m constantly reminded through articles of tragic accidental deaths that¬†honestly, could happen to anyone.

Going through my MSA applications put a dent in my desire to write/ be creative, but I want to jot down these positive emotions because they are equally important to relish. Alrighty, time for dinner and getting back into the motion of rushing assignments!



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