Renewed optimism for the future!

It feels so good to see my hard work finally paying off. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was when I received my admission to NYU Stern school of business yesterday around 4pm.

After finishing my final dance performance in the morning (which went pretty well, we took the route of merging animals and their natural habitats in the forest), I went back and took a little nap. Yes, I am narrating my entire day, because, why not? :p Finally forced myself to get up because I was afraid that copies of Michigan Journal of International Affairs would run out. So I went to Mason Hall and was able to grab a copy. Yesterday was also an amazingly warm day in the 20s so my mood was already chipper. Flipping through the articles, I found mine with little to no edits! They did cut out my picture of the haze in Indonesia, but it wasn’t a big deal cos the length of my article pretty much filled up the entire page. Even though it was my second time getting published, the little quiver of joy was still there.

Then I headed off to the leasing office to get all of my subleasing questions answered, which went pretty smoothly. The weather was too nice, so I popped by Espresso Royale and got mahself a cup of iced vanilla latte and headed off to Hatcher library to try and start studying. And then I received an email from NYU stating that there was a status update on my application page. I got really nervous, because don’t people usually get an email congratulating them if they were admitted? Also, in the interview, the admissions officer mentioned that I will be notified 2-3 weeks but I received the update exactly 1 week after. With great anticipation, I clicked on the status update and no joke, confetti flew across my screen. I barely read through the first line and I burst out of my room into my friend’s little cubicle at Hatcher jumped up and down and hugged her and everything. I don’t even remember when we got dinner, it was hazy after that.

I did, however, remember to go and collect the tickets for MFA dance performance, because it was one of the last concerts I could go to before I write a paper on it. Very thought-provoking pieces that touched on so many issues – mental health, LGBT, police aggression against African Americans etc. It was so good I finished my 1000 word essay today morning in record time.

Later, when my parents woke up in Singapore time, my wechat got bombarded with congrats. This might sound sad, or shallow even, but honestly, I am so happy I finally made them proud! Mom and dad, your investment isn’t wasted, and it’s such a relief to see my efforts coming through. Like I said during our chat at midnight, I haven’t taken a break for the past 2 years in Michigan. Now it’s finally time to go to Michigan Lake, sand dunes and explore Chicago before I leave.




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