Disappointment is an understatement.

You say that she is selfish, but is she? When you can treat feeding your family like a burden and managing the home like a chore but run

to help when your lady friends call.

I thought I could be the band-aid

to a wound that lasted over 20 years, but boy.

Disappointment is an understatement.

Normality is when the skies would cry and

No One

speaks to another about their days.

He would snicker and she would hurt and he would fume

and I would ice the sores that hit up

the roof we all live under,

but strangers to how we think and what we feel and why we care.

Till when do you stop

caring and loving and hurting

from the daggers thrown to your body and soul?

Walk away I will,

from any marriage that’ll end this way because

I don’t have the heart to say,

disappointment is an understatement.


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