The Struggle

Penning down some late night thoughts at this point because it’s difficult to fall asleep. Why, do results affect such a huge chunk of our lives? It does not matter if results are not the sole determining factors of our self-worths, but they seem to have an over-arching presence in Singapore’s youths these days. I’m not speaking in generalized terms, as seeing my friends struggle to reconcile with themselves makes my heart ache. I have, sort of, escaped the vicious cycle of endless self-blaming and shaming, all because we cannot meet the expectations that society has set. The set-in-stone factors of determining success. When the complicated set of equations tell you you are not good enough, at some point, you start to believe them. I feel for you, and I hope everything turns out okay for you all. You can strive to achieve what you set out to do, not without obstacles, or failures, but please take them in stride and start believing in yourself. If there is one lesson we can learn from the Olympics, it’s that with every gold medalist, there are countless other athletes who have given up their lives to chase their dreams. You do not need to be the best of the best, but you cannot diminish your accomplishments no matter the end results. You are still worth it.


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