Perspective, is the one thing that can have two meanings, and can change how an event was interpreted.

“Step out of your comfort zone”

We had 2 days of orientation, went through interview/ resume writing/ cover letter writing workshops, networked with the big 4 accounting firms and had a free bowling session. ( In which I had the highest score in my team of girls, like WHAT??? For real?? :p)

Classes officially started on 6 Sept. Our class is so diverse! There are people of all ages and all backgrounds. Out of those that I have come in contact with, there are people from China, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, France, Slovakia, Uruguay, South Korea, and of course U.S.A. It’s so surreal, that in its inaugural Master of Science in Accounting degree, I’m 1 of the 46 students selected out of 13,000 applicants. :O Wow, I’m still in shock myself. Statistically speaking, the acceptance rate was 0.35%, which is pretty low in comparison to other top programs. Over the week, we attended a career fair and a club fair. Networking never came easy for me, for making conversations in a loud, stressful environment is just, uncomfortable. But, I’m learning some tips and tricks along the way, and feeling more comfortable in my skin. Had a really great conversation with this this impressive economics phd working at Deloitte Transfer Pricing, who gave me much to ponder on. Over the weekends, we met up to complete our first Accounting assignment. That went pretty smoothly and there was something nice about entering the Stern building on a weekend.

I’ve also recently caught up with an old friend from JC. Life just works in miraculous ways and hers is the most exciting. From studying about Latin America to becoming completely fluent in Spanish, to getting a Colombia bf, to getting an honors thesis at Brown, to volunteering at Rio and interning at UN. I must say, she is definitely an energy-giver and oh, there are other issues on economic background, social circles, and education I want to touch on in the future.

Starting this new chapter was slightly more difficult than anticipated. The transition was okay, I’ve made new friends, caught up with the old. I’m situated in my ideal place, a buzzing city engaged in culture and activities. There are other non-ideal situations, but they are things I can change or work on. Perhaps there’s something true about not becoming too comfortable. Continue to live and learn, and be forward-looking. Take your own advice, Lanxin. Too incoherent on a late night. Till next time~


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