Currently sitting outside Stern School of Business and not doing work during break for the first time ever. This freedom feels great, but it also came at the expense of me choosing to leave a group and working on my homework independently instead of relying on a team. It definitely has risks – that I wouldn’t be able to discuss answers. But the relief is almost worth it. I forgo the social pressure of trying to fit in, of trying to catch up while ensuring that I have the right answer. The negatives are of course, being an even greater recluse  than before. It’s not that I’m not trying. Quite the contrary, I’m been trying from the very beginning. It just seems like people are disinterested in getting to know people. Perhaps it’s just a transition thing, I don’t know, but I’m trying to stay optimistic and do the things I love instead. Focus on the better things in life, you know?

On the bright side, I got into Ted Talks speaker curation!!! I’m soooo excited for what’s to come and work with the speakers on presenting the best talks ever. I wrote my first ever bio for one of the speakers presenting at a community event next week. The thing about writing is, it doesn’t just train you to write. It trains you to think, which is as important, or perhaps even more important in every day life. I have another interview for a Journal tomorrow, it’s my motivation for pulling through, and for cultivating myself one step closer to the kind of person I hope to be in the future. Wish me luck.


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