Sitting outside of Stern School of Business again, typing away. It is such nice weather, too nice to be wasted away, you know. Yesterday was TedxWashington. Interesting day, thought I might have an opportunity to listen in to some talks, but the opportunity did not really present itself. It was okay though, I worked in the registration and behind the stage, helping with ushering, setting of timer and moving of furniture. Great experience to say the least!

Also had a very deep heart-to-heart chat with my roomie cos yesterday I just felt the need to connect with someone. And generally, I don’t go into details so much, to the extent that I feel like crying. Yesterday, I almost did. It was with the realization that I had no idea those fights had affected me so much. I had always escaped, and made mental notes of what not to do in the future. But I had never admitted to myself how hard it was. Just soldier on, you know.


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