Today is one of those days where you try to smile and fail, yet still trudge on feeling like a complete failure and questioning, where has your motivation gone?

You look at that disappointing piece of paper in front of you and you can’t help but doubt yourself, how crappy are you? Accept, just accept. What more can you do? It seems, maybe things just aren’t a good fit.

You can blame so many things, but in reality, you just didn’t try hard enough. You can’t cry, because it’s spilt milk. Food suddenly becomes tasteless, coffee makes your stomach sick. For just today, you want to give up.

You look to the white board and jot down things, words, numbers that draw a complete blank in your mind. It’s not there, it’s nowhere.

Outside, the skies are crying. Everyone walks a little faster, a little more agitated. You go back into your little corner of an apartment and hide inside your blankets. You want to escape, from this superficial world, from this demanding world, from this dreary world.

From this world called…you.


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