Finals and Future

Hectic – Life in general these days.

I was just getting from one destination to another, making do with food and sleep as much as I could. The countdown to the 23rd – 2 finals and 1 presentation done. 2 more finals to go and a few homework and I’ll be done with this semester. I’ve been putting off thinking about this, but in a semester’s time, I will be starting work FULL TIME. Omg, I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.

The thing about my professional career is that I really want to do the best that I could and come back feeling satisfied with everything that I have accomplished. I know I will give it my all, no doubt, but I’m afraid that in the midst, I’ll lose my intellect and desire for learning and caring about current affairs, like how I’m currently missing music’s role in my life. I miss the feeling of being in a choir. The harmony that envelops around you, giving you tingles like that of a warm hug. It can narrate the most difficult of stories, the most romantic, and it can move you to tears. It is something that no words can do, no conversations can replace, and it gives you a sense of hope that none of our daily pursuits can match up to. It’s a space that allows for vulnerabilities and mistakes, and it lifts your spirits up without the demands of daily necessities. I can’t give it the most concrete of justification, but it’s a part of me that makes me feel empty in the absence of it. Am I making sense? I guess theoretically, I could always make time for the things I love, but somehow, I feel like once I graduate, I will bid farewell to some of these things forever.

Getting sad just thinking about it. I will make full use of next semester to accomplish these things before I’m made to choose. (‘:




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