I spent the last two days looking at the news, literally crying.

There is so much fear, so much uncertainty as to what’s to come. It’s easy to be so American-centric, it’s easy to get caught up in the affairs of what’s considered a great power, and perhaps why, it’s also easy to be distressed and be disappointed that all those morals it pledged, it voiced, it once held on to. I rarely bring up personal slants into politics, but there’s too much at stake to completely disassociate from it. The apathy, is what kills me.ย It could be me, it could be you. Maybe if you were in the majority, you could afford to be apathetic. For the first time ever, I felt the consequenceย of being the minority, of being discriminated against, of being helpless and voiceless. There is so much to say, but there is nothing I can say because anything I say or do can be used against me, and I really do not want to place myself on any fine lines. For the sake of my future, I have to sit back and do nothing. I can onlyย rely on others to stand up for people like me, and I really hope that makes a difference.