No Man is an Island


The night washes relief over the city.

Anxiety of the unknown overshadowed

the darkness of the day.

Everyone walks a little faster, a little more

Skeptical of the person beside us on the

subway. Could he, or she, be the apathetic?

Would I, be the next one cut

from this pie of dreams?

The protectionist, the inward-looking can only mean

the closed-off.

No man is an island.

And no island prospers without being lit up

by the hopes of many.

I feel as though, I have bitten off more than I can chew.

5 classes, 1 job, 3 clubs. I want to ace them all. Oh, and I’m trying to get through driving test too. *Cries* It’s all fun, really. I do enjoy all of them, just, I can’t juggle them all. What happened to the me that was doing 5 classes, 2 jobs and 2 clubs?? I think age is catching up on me. My reflexes are slower, I have to spend a longer time understanding something. Are things getting tougher or am I losing brain cells? 10 accounting hw + 1 audit hw + 1 managerial hw + 41 hw to grade + 1 choir & possibly piano + 1 writing club + 1 inspiring club + permit test. Please help me get through this weekend.


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