Everybody Talks

” Great people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, Small people talk about other people. “

Recently, this quote resonated with me again after I noticed how lethargic I’ve been hanging around someone in my life. Of course, everyone talks. That’s how we communicate, how we establish bonds, and how we keep them. But, I’ve grown increasingly annoyed at how much time was spent just going over other people’s flaws all the time. Compatibility is always an issue right, we can’t expect everyone to be the same as us. So give them breathing space, give them the right to be different. Don’t harp on every small thing they do. If they really mean that little to you, the more you shouldn’t be upset over it. I’m definitely still in the capacity of average, because things affect me more than they should, and more than what is necessary. Yet, maybe I’m breaking away from that because of my increasing intolerance for these small draining details. Let them talk, I don’t have to.


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