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No Man is an Island

  The night washes relief overΒ the city. Anxiety of the unknown overshadowed the darkness of the day. Everyone walks a little faster, a little more Skeptical of the person beside us on the subway. Could he, or she, be the... Continue Reading →


Orange lights gather, as waves rose, in anticipation of the moon, that smiled as it entered the stageΒ with deception. It looked down at the divisiveness, and protests, and violence, against individuals, against marginalized, against broken families and shattered dreams. For... Continue Reading →


Poem by Gary Snyder Can't resist posting this poem after seeing it on the subway a couple of times. It resonated with me on so many different levels. Am loving Art in the city.


Disappointment is an understatement. You say that she is selfish, but is she? When you can treat feeding your family like a burden and managing the home like a chore but run to help when your lady friends call. I... Continue Reading →


Choose me! It says, flaunting its perfectly shaped berries in my face, as if tempting fate has never been as exhilarating. I deliberate between the red and blue, and weighed my options for each has its pros, and cons, but... Continue Reading →


A fitting composition through the night shifting from flipping of pages to light snoring, accompanied by night crawlers who work during the night, so others can go about their day. I sit here, sipping a cup of coffee in the... Continue Reading →

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