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A New Day

Outside, flowers are blossoming, turning into beauties they were always destined to be. They bathe in the glory of it all, with photos snapping at every direction. What a glorious day. They smile in the spotlight, waving to the crowd... Continue Reading →

A Beast

Internal turmoil over these inequalities, over such disparities. These beasts are eating me alive. They come with fury, to dig out my insides - eyes, heart, intestines, until I'm empty. A walking skin and bones interacting with the menacing dark... Continue Reading →


So much to do, so much to say. Is this a part of growing up? - Figuring out your vulnerabilities and learning to accept them. Her childhood was certainly not a piece of cake, she could hardly count the number of times she... Continue Reading →

A Week

She stared through the screen. No, that can’t be true. Of course it is. How could she have been so naïve? Emotions washed through her. Anger, hurt, sadness. She probably wasn’t even entitled to feeling those emotions, for she had... Continue Reading →

First Date

She made herself a bath in the simple dorm room bathtub with some urgency. Her skin was feeling parched from some of the driest winter spells and her complete failure in trying to keep up with moisturizing. Finally the tub... Continue Reading →


Today's not a good day for words. I see myself flowing in stream that leads to the ocean, and not looking forward to associating with tuna, nor the herring. Apparently both are obligate shoalers that get agitated if separated from the group. I... Continue Reading →

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