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How can you understand something that you've never had? In a rut these couple of days. I keep complaining about how stressed I am, but I can't find a way to destress because there is a billion and one things... Continue Reading →


And I drive myself crazy, thinking everything's about me. Yeah I drive myself crazy, cause I can't escape the gravity. It's true, I think I'm pretty idealistic. And I can't be anything otherwise. So many thoughts triggered, but mostly I... Continue Reading →

A Beast

Internal turmoil over these inequalities, over such disparities. These beasts are eating me alive. They come with fury, to dig out my insides - eyes, heart, intestines, until I'm empty. A walking skin and bones interacting with the menacing dark... Continue Reading →

No Man is an Island

  The night washes relief overΒ the city. Anxiety of the unknown overshadowed the darkness of the day. Everyone walks a little faster, a little more Skeptical of the person beside us on the subway. Could he, or she, be the... Continue Reading →


I spent the last two days looking at the news, literally crying. There is so much fear, so much uncertainty as to what's to come. It's easy to be so American-centric, it's easy to get caught up in the affairs... Continue Reading →

Finals and Future

Hectic - Life in general these days. I was just getting from one destination to another, making do with food and sleep as much as I could. The countdown to the 23rd - 2 finals and 1 presentation done. 2... Continue Reading →

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